Website copywriting: Why it's like online dating

Here’s an interesting thought – did you realise your homepage is rather like an online dating profile?

Someone will decide pretty instantly, based on what your website copy says, whether they want a relationship with you. Do they want to partner with you as a customer? Do they want to explore further what you can offer them?

As a website copywriter I've realised that actually, the rules of online dating also nicely apply to writing website content. Let me explain:

The ‘Tinder Moment’

The ‘Tinder Moment’ for your business is when someone first lands on your site. Will your web visitors swipe right and want to find out more about you? Or will they be instantly turned off and swipe left? They’ll make this decision very quickly purely based on what your homepage says and how it looks. No matter what the rest of your site looks and reads like, no matter how great it is – no one is going to want to get to know you better if you make a poor first impression.

Introduce yourself

Your homepage is THE most important page of your site. It’s your very first introduction. So it should say who you are, what you do. Where you’re based. It should highlight your specialities and unique qualities. What makes you different from your competitors? Why should someone choose you?

Don’t overwhelm

You know you need to get your homepage perfect so you’re the ideal match for all your visitors. What you don't want to do however is show them all you’ve got upfront. Cramming a homepage with too much copy is just too much to take in. It’s overwhelming and very off putting. Remember, your homepage is a place to tempt people to do business with you, to encourage them to find out more about you. Don’t try and seal the deal using your homepage.

Second date: Your About page and more

Don’t underestimate the importance of your About page and the rest of your site content, like Products, Services and more. These are the pages people will explore once they've decided they like the look of you. You’ve got their interest; keep it by explaining just why you’re the right business for them. Your About page, for instance, is your second date – it’s where you reveal more about yourself to further cement your relationship.

Exceed expectations

Keep the relationship fresh by exceeding your customer’s expectations at all times. Most people have a basic expectation of a website and what it will say. So surprise them. Useful content like, tips, advice, resources – website copy that actually helps them – is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s great for your SEO and for your visitors.

Get personal with your blog

Your blog is the personality of your business – it’s the place where you can really shine. It’s also the best SEO-booster. A well-written, thoughtful and interesting blog not only captures the attention of your customers (and their friends, if they tell someone about you by sharing your blog), it also makes you incredibly attractive to Google and other search engines.

Don’t encourage a break up

You can help avoid a break up before the crucial ‘sales’ moment by making the process simple. You want them to click ‘buy’ if you’re an e-commerce site, you want them to pick up the phone or email if you’re selling services. It’s the highlight and the peak of your relationship. An overly complicated purchasing process, or not giving someone call-to-action encouragement to contact you, can end the relationship.

Nurture the relationship

Don’t walk away once they’ve bought in – keep communicating. Remind your customers you’re still around in case they need you again. Email marketing campaigns, newsletters, blog posts…all these nurture your relationship past the initial sales point. Not following up can lose you future business.


So, it’s pretty clear a great website can truly create loyal, long-lasting relationships between you and your customers. 

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