Big agency, small agency or freelance: Which is best if you need website, blog or marketing copywriting support?

Does your business need a website or blog copywriter? Whatever your marketing needs, there’s a lot of expertise out there, especially in Sydney. But knowing where to direct your search for copywriting and marketing help isn’t always simple.

Do you go for a big, established agency? A smaller, boutique agency? Or a freelance copywriter? Having experienced all three of these during my 20-year copywriting and PR career, here’s my quick overview of some of the advantages and disadvantages of each:

Large PR marketing agency

Pro’s: A wealth of expertise all under one roof. Large PR agencies specialise in many different business sectors and have typically have dedicated teams of PR consultants for each area, so you get a wide talent pool of skills from all the different team members for your business. Using a big agency is also largely future proof. If you have very big plans on the horizon, you won’t need to start from scratch and look for another agency further down the line.

Con’s: All that expertise comes at a cost. Large agencies command large retainer fees, you’re paying for all that expertise, office space and associated overheads, even if you don’t need it for your business. Staff turnover can also be frustrating. You get to know your particular PR consultant well, they understand your business and goals – but then they leave, taking all the knowledge about your business with them. It’s also easy to feel like you’re not a high priority, especially if your agency has a lot of bigger fee-paying clients, and your account is small in comparison.

Small, boutique marketing agency

Pro’s: These types of agencies tend to be run by people who’ve started out at the big agencies, but have then left to set up on their own. Often specialising in specific areas such as digital marketing and communications, it means you get very specialist help from people who are clearly good at their game, confident enough in their skills to create their own business in the first place. You’ll get a smaller team, and all the attention that goes with it.

Con’s: Whilst small agencies are great if you want professional help but don’t have the budget to pay the top dollar fees of a big agency, a smaller agency might not have all the skills in-house that you need to take your business forward in future. However, remember that many smaller agencies work hard at networking to build their reputation – so if they can’t help directly, they’ll likely know someone who they can outsource to, or put you in direct touch with.

Freelance copywriter/PR consultant

Pro’s: Freelance copywriters and PR consultants are usually the lowest cost option, but this doesn’t mean you get the lowest quality. A good freelancer will have learnt their craft over an established and successful career, and instead of working for an agency, they now offer their skills direct. A freelance copywriter and PR consultant is the perfect solution if you’re just starting to invest in your communications strategy. There’s no commitment or heavy retainer fees, many freelancers are highly flexible and will create a solution that fits your budget and timescale. They also have a lot to prove, their reputation and subsequent income rests on them doing a good job for every single one of their clients.

Con’s: Freelancers are a one-person band, which may limit the scope of their expertise. Relationships are also vital when working with a freelance – it’s truly a one-on-one experience, so you have to have complete confidence and trust that your freelance is the right one for your business. Read my advice on finding the right freelance copywriter for you here.


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