How long does it take to write a tweet?

I’ve not blogged on here for a while. I’ve been focusing my attention on client projects, which over the past months have included corporate brochures, award entries, press releases, social media, blogs and everything in between. It’s been varied, interesting and hugely educational to continually learn new things about my clients’ businesses and to support them as they grow.

But I was recently asked a question by someone curious about what I do. "How long does it take you to write a tweet, and what do you charge for that?"

I would imagine many businesses have pondered this too. If you’re paying for social media support, you may wonder exactly where your money is going.

I mean really….how long does it genuinely take to write the 140 characters of a tweet? Or a Facebook post?

But here’s the thing. Reputations can be won and lost on those 140 characters. Twitter has 328 million monthly active users. Facebook has nearly two billion monthly active users. Tweet or post the ‘wrong’ thing and your hard-earned professionalism takes a serious dent on a potentially massive scale. But even the biggest brands in the world get it wrong sometimes.

Look what has happened in the past few days with Walkers crisps and its ill-fated ‘Walkers Wave’. Automation took the crunch out of that social media campaign.

Social media and web content – copywriting with a single voice

Successful social media content should always mirror the tone used on a company website. A single cohesive voice, speaking the same language.

And this is where the real skill lies. Tweets – and Facebook posts – need to be short, snappy, attention grabbing nuggets. Because we don’t tend to leisurely browse posts and read every single thing. We speedily scroll through them.

As a freelance copywriter that creates social media content it’s my job to condense everything you want to say into small chunks that are designed to always capture the attention of your audiences, whilst simultaneously building your brand and protecting and enhancing your online reputation.

Trust = followers = conversation = conversion

Trust and loyalty is earned through carefully created tweets and social posts. Your followers have an expectation, they’ve bought into your brand, are ready to engage and they’re waiting to be rewarded. It’s your real-time, instant opportunity to build relationships. And this is why it’s so important to get it right.

The customer stream of one of my clients is now largely generated through online self-referral – all thanks to a highly responsive and progressive approach to the digital age, with the right expert support to harness the opportunities social media offers.

So whilst it may seem ‘easy’ to just write a tweet, or a ‘simple’ Facebook post, it’s not actually as straightforward as it appears when you consider what is riding on relatively few words.

You’re not just paying for someone to ‘write a tweet’. You’re paying for the expertise, skill and knowledge of someone who knows exactly what to say, when to say it and how to say it, to maximise customer conversation and ultimately, conversion.

Find out more about my services to see how I could help you. For the latest social media tools, read this article on Creative Boom.