Copywriting fees Australia: How much does a freelance copywriter cost?

Cost is often a big consideration when you’re hiring a freelance copywriter. Trouble is that no one charges in exactly the same way. Copywriting rates are all different and some freelance copywriters will include only a certain number of amends. Others, like myself, include all amends until the work is signed off.

When I came to Sydney, I decided to simply base my copywriting fees in Australia on what I always charged in England. A business contact of mine, Alistair Marshall of Professional Services Business Development, recently pointed me to a blog he’d written when the topic of fees in professional services industries came up in conversation.

freelance copywriter price vs. value

 Called Experts Don’t Charge Low Fees, he emphasises that ‘value’ and ‘price’ are often perceived very separately. “Top clients don’t expect low fees for the services of real experts,” he says. “If you can show real value, then price does not become the pivotal component in the decision-making process.”

Of course for some businesses, price will be a major factor when they are looking to bring in outside help. But for others, quality is the number 1 focus.

So what value do I provide as a copywriter? If you want a good return on your copywriting investment, for your copy to be right and your project ready to go in the shortest time possible, then work with me.

Because the reassurance that comes from using an experienced and expert copywriter is invaluable.

copywriting expertise: what you’re paying for

When you hire me as a freelance copywriter, you will have someone on your team who has been writing for over 20 years.

I learnt the fundamentals of telling a story when I trained to be a journalist in the UK. When news editors made decisions about publishing your news story based on your first paragraph alone.

After journalism came public relations, for one of the UK’s biggest independent PR agencies, where the same principles applied. Write a bad press release for a client and it would never get coverage. Clients expected value and ROI on their PR investment. You simply had to know how to write.

 And then came the digital age. Now less is more. The challenge is to tell a story in fewer words, and capture attention as quickly as possible, in today’s mobile-scrolling and socially-connected society.

So back to the burning question: How much does it cost to work with me? I’m high-value and cost-effective. My fees reflect my expertise and considerable experience. Because Alistair is right – you get what you pay for.

If you need a freelance copywriter, drop me an email about your requirements and I’ll get back to you with a transparently-priced quote.