New website copywriting project: IVF clinic & fertility

It’s so important that people with infertility who are looking into IVF get all the information they need - and feel informed and supported.

Patient need was firmly front of mind when I helped UK-based fertility clinic, Manchester Fertility, with the launch of their brand new website.

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Manchester Fertility is one of my longest clients. I helped to write the original site they were updating. I’ve been working with them for over 10 years providing web copy, blogs, brochures, marketing, patient guides and social media.

And although I know their business and patient profiles inside out, a fresh pair of eyes was still needed when writing the new site, to ensure it reflected the changing ways that people research fertility treatment - and what they’re looking for.

The project involved writing the key landing pages and uploading the content once approved directly into the clinic’s custom CMS.


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It’s not just about saying you offer IVF anymore. IVF clinic competition is massive in the UK, especially in Manchester Fertility’s region of the North West, where there are multiple clinics to choose from.

It’s about highlighting the USPs and services, all the great things that make Manchester Fertility unique, but in a patient-friendly, easy-to-understand way.

Such as exceptional support, personalised care, tailored IVF treatments, consistent success rates, comprehensive patient services and that reassuring ‘gut feel’ that people say they get when they walk in.

It’s about enhancing the patient experience even when they’re at the earliest research stage, not about a ‘sales pitch’ - which is the last thing anyone with fertility issues needs.


The new website has been live only since early February but we are already seeing great results in terms of web visitors and engagement. Web visitors for Feb 2019 are almost double that of February last year. This may be down to more people looking into treatment, but having a clear, concise and patient-friendly website will only help when it comes that all-important ‘which clinic’ decision.

It will be good to see how this translates month by month - and into new patient numbers. Watch this space!

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