How small businesses can hire the right freelance copywriter

Are you a small business owner looking for a freelance copywriter to help improve your communications? Finding the right website, blog or marketing content writer for your business can be a difficult task. With plenty of freelance copywriters in Sydney alone, how do you know if you’ve found the perfect partner?

Here’s some tips on how to make sure you hire the right freelance copywriter, whether you’re an established business looking to improve your online presence or an independent retailer taking your first steps into digital marketing:

Copywriter insight is vital

Does the copywriter have experience of writing about businesses like yours? Do they know who your audience is, and how to reach them through words? Don’t assume that to be successful and get results, your copywriter needs to be your target market or be in use of your services. What matters is that they understand your audience, your goals and how to reach and exceed them through content. Have a look at their existing work – is it getting results for the business that hired them? Check out testimonials, and pay close attention to any specific skills or working methods that are mentioned. Are they type of person you can see yourself working with? 

What price for copywriting expertise?

Many small businesses have learnt through experience that a good freelance copywriter can make a tremendous impact to their online presence, and are willing to pay good money for this expertise. But there are also some small businesses that still look for the cheapest solution – which won’t always get results. Anyone can market themselves as a copywriter, and join a writing agency churning out words on the cheap, even with no real experience. When you hire a copywriter, you’re paying for all their years of considerable expertise in engaging people through content.

Not all copywriters are the same

Does your copywriter have the skills to get the results you’re looking for? There are many different types of copywriters. The ‘I write about anything’ copywriters that will provide a few hundred words for a product won’t necessarily know how to write website content that will engage your audience. If you want a new website, choose a copywriter that specialises in web content. If you want to start a company blog, choose a copywriter that has the skill to write engaging and interesting articles that your customers will find relevant and most importantly, want to share.

Don’t be afraid of freelance copywriter agreements

So you’ve found a copywriter, you’re keen for them to get started, but then they send you a daunting-looking agreement to sign before they’ll even write a single word. Contracts or agreements are becoming more common in the freelance world. The agreement is simply an outline of the entire project – exactly what your copywriter will deliver, how they want to be paid, when you need to pay them, and what they expect of you as their client. It should cover all eventualities - what they’ll do in the event that you aren’t happy with their work, or if a deadline is missed because you, as a client, didn’t send the information in time. There will also be some legal parts too – in case there are ever any legal implications for your business, relating to the work they’ve done for you. All of this is a good thing. Your freelance copywriter is protecting not just themselves, but you as well. They’re ensuring that you both get the best from the project. That everyone is crystal clear at the start, about just what’s going to be delivered and when. Agreements help to avoid any disputes or issues down the line, ensuring a happy working relationship for everyone involved.

Making amends with your freelance copywriter

You’ve got some changes to make to the copy you’ve been sent. Or, you’re just not happy with any of it at all. Don’t be afraid of giving your copywriter feedback. A good copywriter will pull out all the stops to get it right for you, and take all your feedback on board, because making you happy is what gets them more business. Even if you think you need a complete rewrite, it’s important to have an open and honest relationship with your copywriter for your partnership to work successfully. Communication is key – don’t just say you don’t like it, tell them exactly why it’s not what you had in mind. But be mindful that some freelance copywriters will only deliver so many sets of amends, or rewrites, for your agreed price. And sometimes only if you’ve responded within a certain timeframe of them submitting their work for your review. Check your working agreement to see what your copywriter’s terms are for amends and rewrites.

If you’re considering hiring a freelance copywriter in Sydney for your website, blog or marketing content, email me: or contact me here. I’d be happy to help or advise. You can also check out my copywriting portfolio and copywriting testimonials from businesses I’ve helped.