Outsource copywriting services: Why it's good for business

You’ve got a marketing team, perhaps even a marketing manager – but your website copy and marketing content is lacking that special something which all your competitors seem to have.

Or you’re a big corporation – everyone knows who you are – but you’re just not attracting interest from your blogs. And your team doesn’t have time to research, draft and write regularly.

Perhaps you’re a PR or digital marketing agency. Your copywriter is heading off on maternity or paternity leave, or a long holiday. You need temporary, reliable and great copywriting support, so your clients aren’t affected.

Now’s the time to outsource your copywriting needs. Outsourcing copywriting services has many great advantages to you and your business. Here are the top benefits:

Copywriting expertise and skill:

One of the main plus points of outsourcing to a freelance copywriter is that you get all the benefits of their expertise when you need it the most. Many businesses choose to hire a freelance copywriter because the in-house marketing team either doesn’t have the resource, or the necessary skill. Outsourcing fills this gap in your team.

Freelance copywriter choice:

There are so many freelance copywriters out there, and if you’re outsourcing, you get the pick of the bunch, including ones that even have industry-specific writing experience relevant to your business.

But it’s wise to research and choose a copywriter that specialises in the specific type of content you’re looking for, rather than a one-size-fits-all type copywriter. This is especially important, for instance, if you want to outsource your blogging. Investing in a copywriter that produces great blog posts that your audience will want to read and importantly share, is money well spent for your audience and your SEO.

Cost-effective copywriting solutions:

Outsourcing copywriting and content services can actually be really cost-effective. You may not have the funds to hire an in-house dedicated copywriter in your business, but there will inevitably be occasions where professional copywriting support is really needed. Such as new product or service launches that require new website content or marketing events needing brochures and leaflets.

Temporary problem, temporary solution:

You’ve already got someone in-house in your agency delivering on the content front, but they’re going out of the business for a while. Or you’ve got a big launch coming up, and you need extra support. Bringing in a temporary copywriter can ensure there’s no reduction in service and – crucially - quality.

For outsourcing to work successfully of course, it’s essential to hire the right copywriter. Read my previous post for tips on how to hire the right copywriter for your business.

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